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i tried writing a minho appreciation post but there is just so. much 2 say


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TITLE: "I'm Minho"
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The rods on the right wall seemed to reach like stretched-out arms for their home, grasping for those little holes that would serve as their resting place for the night. The crunching, grinding sound of the Doors filled the air, deafening. 


Will taking a selfie with the crowd at the WonderCon Maze Runner panel (x)(x)


✎ the maze runner meme → names
i. named after: Unknown || 
"People always ask me who Minho was named after. Well, I purposely did that: because the story is set pretty far in the future, I wanted to have at least one or two names that we don’t know, so it’s someone who doesn’t exist yet." + "Minho was purposely inserted because the book is set in the future, and it stands to reason that great minds will come along between now and then" - James Dashner
ii.meaning; Valuable and Brave || 
“I’ll ask it a final time before taking further measures. Which of your friends do you want to save?” “Every single one.” Lincoln rushed forward and grabbed Minho by the shirt, pulling him to his feet. “You will choose, now!” Minho was terrified, but he ignored it. “All!” Lincoln reared back with his right hand, formed a fist, and punched Minho in the face. Pain burst through his head as he fell to the floor. Lights seemed to flash along the brown tiles a few inches from his eyes. […] Lincoln punched him on the other cheek. Again. Then again. Minho’s head felt like needles and mush. “Make a choice. Which one of the names do you choose?”
"All of them"
iii. role; Keeper of the Runners ||
"He stood quietly until the Runners finally came out of their building, all of them looking exhausted, their faces pinched from deep thinking. Minho had been the first to exit, which made Thomas wonder if he was the Keeper of the Runners".


Unappreciated Glader Appreciation Week: Day 1 Alby

The Maze Runner + Characters [1/?]


i know it’s day 2 but i didn’t had time yesterday & i really wanted do to smth for alby so oops

"I remembered things from growin' up, where I lived, that sort of stuff. And if God himself came down right now and told me I could go back home...If it was real, Greenie, I swear I'd go shack up with the Grievers before goin' back."